The Invitation (A Moview)

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Nowadays getting DNA Test is just one click away, I’m talking about those boxes that you mail to the lab with a swab of your saliva or strand of your hair and gives you your whole ethnicity, bloodline and etc… based on your DNA. If you think about it, you will broad answers like you you get percentage of every other race you thought you’re not related to and that how this new movie began, entitled The Invitation. This movie is directed by Jessica M Thompson, starring our ever lovely Nathalie Emmanuel whom everyone knows her for her role in The Fast and the Furious.

The movie is all about Evie, played by Nathalie who recently lost her mother due to cancer and now that she is all

alone in life, all she had to do is try to find any possible relative she still has. Luckily after she sent her DNA a particular Oliver Alexander contacted her through the DNA website, claiming she is a distant cousin. Clearly, Evie, seeking a new connection to any relative is so excited to meet a stranger who claims to be his cousin, well, the DNA said so too.

Oliver invited Evie to fly to UK in an all expense paid trip which surely Evie didn’t turned down because it’s free and it’s the only way to discover her roots. Flying to another country might sound really interesting but what Evie doesn’t;t know is that she is actually in for a nice treat, or should I say I wickedly disturbing treat which will later on define her real purpose of meeting her distant relatives.

Evie met a dashing Lord who hosted their whole family for the reunion, Lord Walter was yet another kind host to all of his guest until Evie fell for him and his dashing looks but not all about Walt is dashing, he has some secrets to untangle in front of Evie. The whole fiasco is something cannot even escape and to be able to save herself, she has to be smart enough to outrun everyone that is going in her way.

The Verdict

This is not your normal thriller kind of movies, it is actually interesting however lacking some kind of originality. We have watched so many movies on the same calibre and same plot and `I think this movie has lacked its story origin and introduction. Aside from it was too straightforward, it didn’t have any substance, moreover I found it so awkward to have a plot where you get to go on a trip with a family you just met, well I guess that’s how it worked as a story plot but yes, my point is there should’ve been an origin out of it. Like some connection. They could have warp it all around the mother’s past or the father’s but they didn’t. Instead, it sounded a little too forward, like nowadays, no one will just get on a plane not knowing what is in store for them, luring someone can be obscure and fallible but if the concept is to do so, then they would’ve done it the better way. The whole thrill of it was completely lost.

Vampires, blood suckers, twilights, walking dead, shadow hunters, all in these modern contemporary setting is just too much, it looked like she went from 2022 to 1600s by just entering the castle. It’s likely to be realistic. I’d choose twilight compare to this, well compare to whatever, actually.

I can see the plot, the concept and how they want the viewers to perceive the movie but it lacks substance and it could’ve been better if it was studied well and given more preciseness to facts and details.

All in all, I would give this a 83% wonderroanne rating.

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